General issues
What is is a free service that allows you to monitor online (with a 5 minute delay) open positions and pending orders from all connected accounts on one page in your personal account.

Is it free?

Yes, the service is absolutely free. All site functionality is available without any conditions or restrictions.

What about data privacy?

All reports are uploaded to our server and hidden for display. No other users have access to your data.

Technical Issues
The trade was opened in the terminal, but it is not in the monitoring?

Monitoring works on the MT4 / MT5 reports. The terminal exports an up-to-date report every 5 minutes, therefore, information in monitoring is published with a delay of 5 minutes. If after this time the trade are still not displayed in the monitoring, check the terminal settings. If the problem persists, send us a message .

How many accounts / terminals / brokers can I connect?

Unlimited. Connect as many accounts from different brokers as you need.

How to change the name of the monitoring account?

On the "Data Settings" tab, again specify all the data for the account whose name you want to change. Enter a new name in the title field and click Submit. The system will overwrite the current name with the new one.

Does it need to keep the terminal on all the time?

Yes. When the terminal is turned off, reports will not be sent, which means that information in monitoring will not be updated. We recommend install your trading platforms on VPS servers. Forex VPS will ensure stable platform operation, minimum ping and better execution.

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